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The footer message serves as an indicator that the ticket originated from the bot and provides a link back to the original channel message for context. You have the flexibility to customize these footer messages according to your preferences, incorporating variables like username, user email, channel link, and message link as needed.

What to know:

You can customize the footer both after issue creation and after issue updates from Slack.

  1. Go to the account portal 
  2. Navigate to the "settings" tab
  3. Scroll down within the settings menu to find the “Footer Message” section
  4. Select "Custom footer message after an issue is created from Slack"
    1. Optional: select "Custom footer message after an issue is updated from Slack"
  5. Select variables for your message
  6. Click “save settings” 
To ensure proper text rendering, it's important to place the correct code in the customization field. Incorrect code can disrupt the readability of the text and cause the slack message to not link properly. The default setting, provided for reference, is "Created with [Jira Integration+|::slackMessageLink::] for ::slackUserName:: (::slackUserEmail::)." Please note that once new code is applied and settings are saved, there's no way to revert to the default setting.

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