Jira Connection FAQ

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Jira Connection FAQ

  1. Why do I need to connect the bot to Jira?
    1. Jira Integration+ uses the Jira APIs to get information, create and update tickets when the bot is used. The Jira Application link process is the most secure way to connect Jira to applications.
  2. What kind of security is used?
    1. Jira application links are built on industry-standard secure OAuth connections.
  3. Is there an alternate connection option aside from application links?
    1. Jira provides a few different methods to connect applications but none are as secure as an application link which is the recommended method from Atlassian.
  4. Do I need to be a Jira Admin?
    1. You will need admin access to your Jira instance in order to create the application link. Please contact your Jira administrator to get the access you need or have them login to Nextup to complete the setup.
  5. What if I don't have permission, can someone else complete this step?
    1. Yes, Jira Integration+ will automatically connect the accounts from anyone on your Slack team into the account you created and upon login the process can be completed.
  6. What are the static IP addresses?

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