Advanced Personal Notifications

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Personal notifications in Slack replace your Jira emails with our app. You get notified from the bot when relevant issues are updated that effect your day.

Using advanced personal notifications, you can further specify what notifications you will receive.

What to know:

  • You can manage your general notifications and how often you get notified with your user settings.
  • Our app includes smart grouping and other features to reduce the number of notifications
  • Most users filter / auto-delete Jira emails once implemented.

Advanced Notifications in Slack

  1. Navigate to the Messages tab of the Integration+ bot
  2. Type jira configure
  3. In the modal, navigate to the Notifications section, and click Configure
  4. After configuring any necessary settings on this modal, navigate to the "JQL based filters, specific transitions, ignored users and more" section and click Advanced Settings
  5. Configure these advanced settings as necessary
  6. Click Save

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