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Attach files in Slack to issues in Jira

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Files in Slack can be easily added to new issues or as comments on existing Jira issues with Integration+

What to know:

  • You need to invite the bot to your channel to use this feature.
  • You can attach images, files, videos and more with the app.
  • The file will be attached in Jira - not added as a link to Slack

Attach to new issue

  1. Find a message in Slack
  2. React with the :bug: emoji 🐛
  3. Click the button Create Issue
  4. Create your issue.

Attachments in threads

  1. Find a message with a thread in Slack
  2. Add the 📷 emoji the top message
  3. Choose if you want to create a new issue or add to an existing issue.
  4. Select which messages you want to add to the issue.

Attaching multiple files

You can attach multiple files in the thread using the 📷 capture process described above.

Additional information

The hosting of your Jira instance can effect the ability to attach files. Let us know if you run into any issues.

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