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How to Schedule Reports

You can ask the bot to send a list of issues based on your selected criteria to a channel at a defined interval (such as daily at a specific time). This is a great tool for project managers or scrum masters over-seeing a team's work.

Make sure to invite the bot to the channel to be able to schedule reports

What to know:

Configuring scheduled reports

  1. Make sure you invite the bot to your channel.
  2. Run a search for the desired issues.
  3. Click the Schedule button to expand scheduling options.
  4. Create your report by:
    1. Naming your report
    2. Setting as enabled/disabled
    3. Setting the time of day your report is generated
    4. Setting which days your report will be generated
    5. Confirming the command used and the channel where your report will be posted

Managing scheduled reports

  1. Type the command /jira-plus reports in any channel or directly to the bot.
  2. You will see a list of your scheduled reports. You can then use the ... button to manage each report.

Common Scheduled Reports:

  1. Daily report of issues assigned to me
  2. Report of overdue issues for my project
  3. Project summary report into scrum channel
  4. All issues assigned to me within last 24 hours
  5. All issues that mention me within last week

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