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Channel Access Permissions

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Managing access to your channels configurations for Jira integration+ is an available option if you want to more tightly control your channels configurations.

What to know:

  • Channel administrators are globally defined per bot
  • Users can request access to join the channel administrator list.

Configuring channel administrators:

  1. Go to (or your custom URL if self hosted)
  2. Go to Permissions under Jira Integration+
  3. Enable the Restrict channel configuration access toggle.
  4. Select the users who can manage channel configurations. Don't forgot to add yourself (if applicable).
  5. Save settings.

Creating new access requests

  1. User clicks a configuration button or types /jira-plus configure
  2. A private message is sent to the user telling them access is restricted.
  3. The user clicks to request access.
  4. The access request is confirmed.

Approving access requests in Slack

  1. A user requests access to your channel administration group.
  2. Your current channel administrators receive a message in Slack
  3. The administrators click the allow button to allow access.
  4. The requestor is notified in Slack.

New users added via this process will be visible in the channel administration list for administrators.

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