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Configure Jira Create Fields in Slack

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Configure which fields are shown within Slack when creating a ticket for a defined project and ticket type. This allows you to streamline ticket creation within Slack to only the necessary fields.

What to know:

  • You need to have permission to the admin portal in order to configure which fields are shown on issue create.
  • You can choose to hide Jira fields when creating issues within Slack.
  • This is done per project and issue type.
  • If a field configuration is not created for a specific project and issue type, all available fields will be shown in Slack.

How to Configure

  1. Login to
  2. Select Jira Integration+ -> Field Configuration
  3. Click Add Configuration
  4. Select the Project and Issue Type you would like to configure
  5. A list of available fields will be shown. The fields in the Visible Fields column will be shown within Slack. You can drag fields to the Hidden Fields column to remove them from the slack when creating an issue. Fields with the 🔒 icon are required and therefore cannot be dragged to the Hidden Fields column.
  6. Once you have your fields configured click Save.

😠 Can I set field defaults?

You can configure field values to default when creating Jira issues per Channel using the Channel configuration Quick Create.

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