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How do I stop getting notified for my own actions?

Nick Cron Updated by Nick Cron

By default we notify you in Slack when you make changes in Jira in your personal notifications. We do this in test mode that is enabled when you install a trial bot.

What to know:

  • We tell you about your own actions in Test mode only.
  • We enable test mode by default for new trial bots.
  • You will want to disable test mode as you move to production.

Disabling test mode

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Uncheck the box Test Mode
  4. Click the Save Settings button.

Why does the bot do this by default?

The bot tells you about your own actions by default because we learned via customer feedback that users would do the following when first adding the bot. 

  1. Go to Jira
  2. Mention themselves on a ticket
  3. Check to see if the bot tells them about the update

This makes perfect sense for initial testing.  However, when we ignore messages you add then you think the bot is broken. 

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