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Jira Integration+ Account Settings

The Account Settings control what the bot is able to do and how it responds in Slack. The changes you make here are reflected across the entire workspace.

You can limit access to users who can make changes to the Account Settings. Learn how here.

What to know:

General Settings

These settings are designed to allow certain functionality to exists when using Jira Integration+.

  1. After you test please turn off "Test Mode" so it no longer tells you about your personal actions, unless you want to by notified.
  2. Jira Integration+ can listen to other tools like Zapier and Workflow Builder and respond when messages contain issue keys.
  3. Track issues that were created from Slack
  4. Limit the ability for users to capture messages in a thread- Learn more about Jira Capture
  5. Allow your users to create dedicated channels from within Slack
  6. Once a Slack channel is created you can auto off auto-syncing

Revoking JQL

The JIRA query language (JQL) allows for complex issue searches. This is how you can create queries in JIRA and then utilize them with Nextup. You can write JQL formatted messages directly in Slack or create them in JIRA and copy the syntax into Slack.

  • Sometimes organizations with large Jira Instances don't want complex searches down from Slack. There is a chance the search could slow down your Jira if the JQL spans across many projects.
    • Learn how to search using JQL here

Limiting Actions allowed with Jira Integration+

There are many actions that Jira Integration+ can do. Allowing your users access to all settings will enhance their capabilities to level up their chat ops. If for any reason you want to restrict certain actions you can do so with these settings.

Ticket Mention Preferences

  1. Threaded Responses
  1. Channel Responses

Jira Authorization

All users will need to authorize with Jira Integration+ to take advantage of all the functionality that exists. But in some cases, you can allow non-Jira users to type issue keys and the bot will respond to them. They still will not be able to take any action on the ticket but can see the status of the issue.

Blocked Projects

Some workspaces have projects that want to be restricted from Slack altogether. We have access to all projects that the initial configured users has, but we recommend configuring with a service account with access to all projects. In the case, you want to limit, use Blocked Projects.

  1. Only allow certain projects to be able to be accessed through Slack
  2. Block the projects that you do not want to access to Slack

Global Emoji Mapping

As an admin, you can configure emojis for all channels where the bot has been invited. This can be helpful you want to use the same emoji for a specific project and issue type across multiple channels in Slack.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Settings under Integration+
  3. Go to Slack Emoji Mappings
  4. Choose your project and issue type
  5. Select an emoji
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Scroll down and click the Save button on the settings page.
Make sure to invite the bot to the channel to use this feature.

Delete Slack Notification Emoji Mappings

Jira Integration+ sends notifications. If by the chance you want to quickly delete the notification you can globally set an emoji to then delete that message. You can see below how the emoji works to delete a message in Slack.

Make sure to invite the bot to the channel to use this feature.

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Administrator Access Permissions

Channel Access Permissions

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