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Creating a JIRA Issue from Slack

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Creating new Jira issues from Slack is a powerful tool to keep track of your work and complete your projects faster.

Make sure to invite the bot to the channel to create Jira issues.

What to know:

Ways you can create issues

  • Adding an emoji - react to a message with a 🐛 or 📷 emoji to capture a Slack message or thread to a new Jira issue.
  • Global action - click the ⚡ icon anywhere within Slack and create a Jira issue.
  • Workflow builder - create your own workflow within Slack and include the Create Jira issue workflow step.
  • App home / Jira Dashboard - create an issue from your home screen for Jira inside Slack.
  • Message action - click on a message in Slack and create a new issue.

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Dedicated Slack Discussion Channels for Jira issues

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