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How does user attribution work? Are actions in Jira going to be the correct user?

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Correct user attribution is a critical component of keeping your issues organized. With Integration+ all updates in Jira are from the user who performed the action - not a "bot" user.

What to know

  • All updates will have correct user attribution in Jira
  • Users connect their Slack and Jira accounts to make updates to Jira
  • Users Jira permissions are automatically respected by Integration+

How does it work?

  1. A user mentions a Jira issue in a channel where the bot is invited.
  2. The bot responds with issue information
  3. The user chooses the comment action to add a comment.
  4. The comment is added to Jira as the user who added the comment in Slack.

What is happening in the technology?

We use OAuth to communicate with the Jira APIs and users are required to authenticate with Jira to allow our systems to make updates in Jira on their behalf. This process is know as API impersonation.

The result is that all updates made from Integration+ are reflected in Jira as the user who performed the action. This ensures the source of the update (Slack / Jira / Email / etc) does not effect the tracking in Jira.

User connections

The first time users interact with the app they will be automatically be required to connect their Slack account with their Jira account to establish connectivity and permissions in Jira.

What to know

  • Your password is never shared with our systems
  • Every action you take in Slack (create, comment, etc) will be attributed to your account in Jira.
  • Your permissions are based on your Jira access.

You will be asked to connect your account when you perform you first action in Slack. You can also manually trigger connection by typing /jira-plus connect

  1. Click the Connect Now button in Slack
  2. Click Allow in Jira
  3. Click the button to go to the home screen in Slack.

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