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Assign Jira issues in Slack

Nick Cron Updated by Nick Cron

Assigning issues directly in Slack is a great way to save your team a lot of time.

We automatically respect Jira permissions and access so you can only assign to users in Slack that you can assign in Jira.

Assign from view dialog

  1. Click the View button on a message
  2. Find the Assign header under Actions
  3. Choose the user you want to assign the issue to.
  4. Assign the issue.

Assign with command line

  1. Navigate to the Apps section in Slack
  2. Click on Jira Integration+

  1. Type the keyword assign
  2. Type a Jira issue key (i.e. DEMO-124)
  3. Mention the user you want to assign the issue with the @ pattern.
You can use @me to assign to yourself.

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